Our post graduate program entitled EUROCODE Compatible Design Codes and Computer Assisted Design is meant to serve the continuing education of civil engineers and architects. Our target group consists of university graduates with work experience who did not have a chance to study in depth computer assisted design and the norms and codes currently used in the field of civil engineering.

The course consists of both theoretical and practical training, 60 hours and 120 hours respectively. We acquaint our participants with a large variety of notions and concepts used in the European Union, while we also provide the technical apparatus necessary to acquire the skills used in computer assisted design, ensuring this way that graduates of this course will become marketable workforce. The theoretical part of the course has been published in four separate volumes. Our instructors are faculty members of the Technical University of Cluj and university professors from various universities in East-Central Europe.

In 2005, the Hungarian Technical Scientific Society of Transylvania has received authorization from the Romanian Department of Labour to teach computer assisted design, therefore our society can issue officially accredited certificates to participants.

Courses have been organized as follows:
March - May 2008
January - March 2009